That's Where You Take Me

Aw baby aw baby (2)

And love won't believe
Never found inside of me
Build these walls up so high
Leadin' my room to breathe

Aw baby aw baby
U tell them down
Can't believe u change my mind?
Aw baby aw baby
I saw your smile
Stay with me awhile


All things fall into place
My heart it feels so safe
U are my melody
That's where u take me
With u I get so high
Lost in the crystal sky
U are this melody
That's where u take me

I never fell before
How did u find the door?
The key to my soul
To u forever more

Aw baby aw baby
Can make me rise
I never think I once things twice
Aw baby aw baby
You make me smile
Stay with me awhile

[Repeat chorus]

Afraid to let it all inside
Now I wanna hear u
Stay with me awhile
Stay with me awhile
La la la la la la(3x)

That's where u take me!!

[repeat chorus till fade..] 

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